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list of poster presentations

Poster authors will present their research at ASEH's conference in Columbus, Ohio on Saturday, April 13, 10:00 - 10:30 a.m.


Nelson Arellano, Universidad de Tarapaca – “Solar Energy Technologies: Colonize Borders, Deserts, Islands, and Extra-terrestrial Space”


Dr Baisakhi Bandyopadhyay, Independent Scholar – “Traditional Knowledge & Sustainable Forest Management in Asia with special emphasis on South Asia”


Seth Blum, Washington University in St. Louis – “Anti-Politics, Timelessness, and Climate Adaptation in the Jordan Valley”


Katrin Boniface, University of California, Riverside – "Global Gaits: 19th century world trade in 'Vermont Trotting Horses'"


Kathryn Carpenter, University of Missouri - Kansas City – “From Junior Naturalists to Nature Knights: The Conservation Education of American Children, 1930-1950”


Jim Clifford, University of Saskatchewan – “Geoparsing, Polygons and Conversion Factors: Creating Three Databases to Identify London’s Nineteenth Century Ghost Acres”


Steven B. Davis, University of Kansas - "Battle Cattle: Illuminating the Contributions of the Union War Effort's Most Important Animal Ally, 1861-1865"  


Kristen M. Fleming, University of Cincinanti – “Business Efforts to Create a Thriving Ohio River in the 1930s”


Amado Guzmán, University of Arizona – “Urban Flooding in the Southwest, Albuquerque and Tucson 1940-1990”


Elizabeth Hameeteman, Boston University - "Environmental History Now: A Project on Representation, Engagement, and Community"


Kyuhyun Han, University of California-Santa Cruz – “Rethinking Mao China’s Environmental Policies: Forestry Management, Wildlife Conservation, and Center-Periphery Relations in Northeast China, 1949 – 1965”


Joel Hitchens,University of Massachusetts Boston – "From Calf Pasture to Columbia Point: A History of Waste, Industry, and Environmental Justice in Dorchester, 1869-1969"


Minmin Hu, Beijing Forestry University – “Reforestation in Beijing area during the republic of  China”


John Wannamaker Jepsen, University of Iowa – “Oil Lands Project - Proof of Concept: Iowa”


Tanya Kato, The Claremont Colleges Library – “A Diary of SoCal Water Chroniclers: Student Reflections on Encounters with Primary Sources”


Patrick J. Klinger, University of Kansas - "Balancing on a Cliff: Coastal Erosion and Climate Change in Scotland During the Little Ice Age"


Alyssa Kreikemeier, Boston University – “Western Skies: Toxic or Tonic? A History of Rocky Mountain Air”


Audrey Loetscher, Université de Lausanne (Switzerland)/University of Washington – “A Contemporary Genealogy of the U.S. Discourse of Unsustainability”


Gilberto Mazzoli, European University Institute – “Portable Natures: Environmental Visions, Urban Practices, Migratory Flows. Italian Truck Farmers and Migrant Foodways in New York City. 1890-1940”


Daniel McDermott, University of Massachusetts-Lowell – “Overcrowding in National Parks”


William Marino, University of Nevada-Las Vegas – “Lasting Legacies of Cold War Environmental Perceptions”


Maria Parisi, USFWS, National Conservation Training Center – “Mapping the Fish and Wildlife Service - 150 Years in Conservation History”


Natalie Schuster, Frostburg State University – “Policy Disasters: Disaster Relief Policy within the Limits of the Administrative State”


Robert Suits, University of Chicago – “How the Winter of 1886-7 Froze Freedom”


Alexandra Katherine Vicknair, Arizona State University – “Mass Production of Knowledge: Advertising, Transportation, Tourism, and the Growth of Industry at Yosemite National Park, 1890s-1920s”


Mark Werner, University of British Columbia – “Animals Under the Macroscope: Big Data Views on the Animal in History”


Wenjun Yang, University of Kansas – “Hidden Wealth: Creating Value for Straw in Kansas (1887-1920)”


Daniel Zizzamia, Harvard University's Solar Geoengineering Research Program - "Analogs in Environmental Engineering: The Use of History in Geoengineering Policy"


Matthew Zuccaro, Montclair State University – “The High Line: Decay and Rebirth of a Sustainable Public Space in Manhattan”

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