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poster presentations

The following posters will be displayed throughout the conference. The poster authors will be available during the morning break at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, April 1, to discuss their posters. An award for best poster will be presented on Saturday evening, April 1.

Debanjana Chatterjee, Amity University-Haryana, India – “Are We Ready to Shift from 'Metropolis' to 'Aerotropolis'? A Case Study of Durgapur, India”

Regina Horta Duarte, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais – “Latin American Societies and Wild Animals in Latin American Zoos: Photographic Approaches on Ciudad de Mexico and Montevideo Zoos”

Greg Gordon, Gonzaga University “‘Once Upon A Millpond Dreary’:  A Case Study in the Ecological Restoration of a Brownfield Site”

Gray, Marion W., Western Michigan University "Recycling Every Fiber: Paper Milling in Early Modern Brandenburg"

Michael Guenther, Grinnell College – “Seeing like a Planner: The Graphic Turn in New Deal Conservation”

Melanie Kiechle, Virginia Tech – “Between Common Sense and Nonsense: Environmental Knowledge in Patent Medicines”

Patrick Klinger, University of Kansas “The Climate of Union: Climatic Aberrations and the Decline of the Scottish Herring Industry, 1660-1707”

David B. H. Lehman, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign - "Prairie Land in Demand: Using GIS to Map Settler Claims in Potawatomi Homelands"

Laura-Louise Mahler, King’s College London “The Hard Shell: Environmental Impacts of the Native American Wampum Trade"

Rennie Meyers, University of Rhode Island – “Art Islands: How Ecological Thought and Mass Tourism Redesigned the Canary Islands”

Zachary Nowak, Harvard University – "Edgy Urban Environmental History: Train Stations and the Ideological Built Environment"

Tim Paulson, University of California-Santa Barbara and Kevin Brown, University of California-Santa Barbara – “Land Use and Climate in California Rangelands: A Historical Analysis of Change Over Time”

Maria Pettis, Pomona College “Dengue in the Philippines: Aedes aegypti and the Environmental History of Mosquito-borne Disease in the Greater Asian Pacific”

Shuhan Shi, Peking University "Wisdom of Traditional Irrigation Systems in Huizhou Area, China"

Michael Smith, Ithaca College – “‘To Sever the Vast Continent of America’: Imagined Canals Across Nicaragua”

Aubrey Underwood, Clark Atlanta University "The Radioactive South: Antinuclear activism, Race, Environmentalism and Federal Agencies, 1970-2011"

S. Ganapathy Venkatasubramanian, Anna University-India - “Principles of Various International Environmental Laws and Their Judicial Responses for a Clean and Green India: A Critical Analysis”

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