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Welcome to the American Society for Environmental History

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Brian McCammack's Landscapes of Hope: Nature and the Great Migration in Chicago is this year’s best book in environmental history. The 20th century’s Great Migration of African Americans to the U.S. North has been understood by most historians through the lens of labor and politics. McCammack re-centers this narrative on nature. Fleeing a fertile but brutal South, black Americans moved north and imbued the landscapes they encountered with hope. Arriving in Chicago, African American families found nature in a range of categories and confronted more than polluted environmental inequalities and racialized spaces. They worked to make places in parks and resort towns, forging a hybrid environmental culture blending Southern folkways and urban modernity. McCammack acknowledges and builds on the scholarship of environmental historians of nature and race, In doing so, he broadens how we might think about not only race and place in American history, but also the material and cultural experiences of human migration more broadly. His book is alive with characters and landscapes, with a range of sources that reaches into Chicago’s black communities and neighborhoods and their extensive orbits, to show us new ways forward.


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JRMGC.jpgThe American Society for Environmental History encourages scholarship on the interactions between humans and the natural world (or among humans and non-humans) through time. Membership of the Society is markedly interdisciplinary and international, and the work of ASEH members ranges across the ages, from crucial concerns of the present to the farthest reaches of human time.

As a non-profit scholarly organization, ASEH promotes research and teaching in environmental history, engages in public outreach, and supports its members’ professional needs. We offer a heartfelt welcome to all those with an interest in these activities, details of which can be found elsewhere on this website.

The Society holds a lively and well-attended annual conference, encourages local / regional activities in support of its mission, and publishes Environmental History, an excellent scholarly journal, jointly with the Forest History Society, under the auspices of Oxford University Press.

Please explore this website for more details about our mission, our journal, and our newsletter, conferences and workshops, travel grants, fellowships, teaching resources, and more – as well as information about how to become a member of the Society.

-Graeme Wynn, FRSC
ASEH President

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