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award submissions

At our conference in Washington, DC in March 2015, ASEH presented awards to Philipp Lehmann (pictured here with Julie Cohn of the Rachel Carson Prize committee) for best dissertation; Fasail Hussain (pictured here with journal editor Lisa Brady) for best article; Marty Reuss for the Public Outreach Career Award; and Joel Tarr for the Distinguished Service Award. See awards section of this website for a full list of award recipients.

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award submissions

ASEH offers eight awards, which have different submission requirements - all are described below.


Outstanding Scholarship:

Each year, the ASEH awards the following four prizes for outstanding scholarship in the field of environmental history:

  • George Perkins Marsh Prize for best book in environmental history
  • Leopold-Hidy Prize for best article in Environmental History (with Forest History Society)
  • Alice Hamilton Prize for best article outside Environmental History
  • Rachel Carson Prize for best dissertation in environmental history

    Instructions for Submitting for four awards described above:

    The next year's prize committees will evaluate submissions (published books and articles and completed dissertations) that appear between November 1, 2014 and October 31, 2015.

    Please send three copies of each submission for books and articles (these must be hard copies, or paper copies) for receipt by November 16, 2015 to:
    Lisa Mighetto, ASEH, UW Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences Program, University of Washington, 1900 Commerce Street, Tacoma, WA  98402

    Articles that appeared in our journal, Environmental History, are automatically considered by our journal's editorial board, and there is no need to submit copies for the Leopold-Hidy Prize.

    Electronic submission of dissertations:
    We encourage electronic submissions of your dissertation, if your dissertation was approved between Nov. 1, 2014 and Oct. 31, 2015. Submit in pdf format as a single file less than 5 megabytes in size to by November 16, 2015.

      Service and Achievement Awards:

      ASEH also recognizes service and achievement in environmental history through the following four awards:

      • Distinguished Scholar Award given every two years to an individual who has contributed significantly to environmental history scholarship; membership in ASEH is not required.
      • Distinguished Service Award given every year to an individual who has contributed significantly to the development of ASEH as an organization; membership in ASEH is required.
      • Public Outreach Project Award presented every two years to an environmental history project that engages the public. We will be accepting applications for this award in 2015.
      • Distinguished Career in Public Environmental History presented every two years to an individual who has promoted environmental history to the public over time. We are accepting applications for this award in 2014.

      Instructions for Submitting for four awards described above:

      Anyone can nominate candidates for the above four awards, and ASEH's executive committee appoints a committee to select the recipients. Current members of ASEH's executive committee are not eligible while they are serving. If you would like to nominate someone, send their name(s) and a brief description to Deadline: November 16, 2015.


      Pictured left: Susan Flader, recipient of ASEH's Distinguished Service award, and Donald Worster, ASEH's Distinguished Scholar awardee, celebrate with ASEH President Doug Weiner in 2004.

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