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ASEH offers a variety of benefits to environmental scholars, including annual awards for the best book, article, and dissertation in environmental history, as well as distinguished scholar and service awards and public outreach awards. We organize annual conferences that bring together historians, geographers, scientists, and other scholars - and we award annual travel grants to fund participation in those meetings. We established two ASEH research fellowships, and we have partnered with the Newberry Library to offer a third fellowship for research at that repository. Our quarterly journal, Environmental History (published by Oxford University Press), is described in the "Publications" section of this website, along with our quarterly newsletter.

donations to aseh can be made online through Pay Pal:

ASEH operations/general fund

ASEH prizes

ASEH grad student and recent PhD support

ASEH digital improvements

Click here to support our Education Committee’s initiative “Greening the K-12 Curriculum.”

If you would like to mail a donation to ASEH, please send to:

Mark Madison
ASEH Treasurer
National Conservation Center
698 Conservation Way
Shepherdstown, WV 25443

bequests and planned giving

Have you thought about including ASEH in your will? By doing so, you can leave a lasting legacy to ASEH in terms of travel grants for aspiring scholars, awards for ASEH prizes, and funding for sustainability research. You can bequeath money for our general operations, money which will pay lasting benefits to the ASEH in future years.

Bequests and planned giving are important to the ASEH's future.  To learn more about bequests and planned giving, please contact us at

If you have already included the ASEH in your estate planning and have not notified us, please inform us so that we can thank you.

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news and events

ASEH endorses the March for Science on April 22, 2017 – and we support funding of research, public communication of findings, and evidence-based policies in the public interest. We have signed the AHA’s statement of support.

Click here to read ASEH's response to the recent executive order regarding immigration.

Notify the Trump Administration and Members of Congress that you support the National Endowment for the Humanities:

Click here to support our Education Committee's initiative "Greening the K-12 Curriculum."

Click here to read about how environmental history is "the field with the largest proportional expansion" in the last 40 years.

Click here to view the latest bulletin from the International Consortium of EH Organizations (ICEHO).

Are you an ASEH member interested in hosting our annual conference? Click here for more info.

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