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advisory board for professional development and public engagement

1. Paul Hirt, Arizona State University, chair

2. Tabitha (Beth) Erdey, National Park Service

3. Marty Reuss, retired US Army Corps of Engineers; public history consultant

4. Tai Johnson, graduate student, University of Arizona

5. Bathsheba Demuth, former ASEH grad student liaison

6. Michael Egan, McMaster University

7. Cindy Ott, St. Louis University

8. Melissa Wiedenfeld, US Customs and Border Protection

9. Jeffrey Stine, Smithsonian Institution

10. Joni Bosh, Sierra Club

11. Rob Smith, National Parks and Conservation Association

12. Lincoln Bramwell, USDA Forest Service

13. Heather Miller, Historical Research Associates

14. Thomas Wellock, Nuclear Regulatory Commission

15. Shelley Bookspan, founder of PHR and public history consultant

16. Mark Madison, US Fish and Wildlife Service

17. Kieko Matteson, University of Hawaii

18. Kate Christen, Smithsonian Institution

19. Andy Kirk, University of Nevada-Las Vegas

20. Marsha Weisiger, University of Oregon

21. James Pritchard, Iowa State University

22. Jed Rogers

23. Emily Greenwald, Historical Research Associates

24. Fritz Davis, Florida State University

25. Lisa Mighetto [ex officio]

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