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Welcome to the American Society for Environmental History

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Kate Brown’s Plutopia: Nuclear Families, Atomic Cities, and the Great Soviet and American Plutonium Disasters (Oxford University Press, 2013) draws on declassified documents and oral histories of government officials as well as workers and their families in the US and the former Soviet Union, capturing the shared experiences of the Soviet and American experience with the production of a nuclear arsenal. Beyond the major accidents, Brown reveals how everyday operations exposed workers and their families to toxic radioisotopes. The cloak of secrecy that permeated the Cold War facilitated reckless attitudes towards nuclear weapons and wastes produced in both the US and the USSR. The very nature of radioactive materials limited tracing back to sources thus producing insidious exposures in workers and their families. Both wastes and exposures can be invisible in nature and invisible in terms of social action. Yet Brown rediscovers their traces in the bodies of the exposed. Selected as ASEH's best book in 2014.

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JRMGC.jpgThe American Society for Environmental History increases understanding of the important role played by the environment throughout human history, from the earliest period to the crucial issues of our own time and across the world’s diverse societies and ecosystems. Our membership is international and interdisciplinary. A non-profit scholarly organization, ASEH promotes research and teaching in environmental history, provides public outreach to our communities, and supports our members’ professional needs. Membership includes a subscription to our excellent quarterly journal, Environmental History, published by Oxford University Press. We invite you to explore this website for information on our mission as well as our journal, conferences and workshops, travel grants, fellowships, teaching resources, and more.

-Kathleen A. Brosnan, ASEH President


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